Revisiting and Managing Additional Audio Content

A few months ago while planning for future macOS upgrades, I realised that the existing methodologies for managing the audio content for GarageBand (and other Apple audio apps) in munki and autopkg were not very well equipped to handle the frequent changes Apple make to the additional content for these apps. While downloading and importing […]

Promethean Activ Drivers

If you’re installing the Promethean Activ Driver “app” on Mac OS El Capitan and macOS Sierra, as well as running into issues with the software not launching or not detecting connected interactive whiteboards, the issue appears directly related to bad permissions set by the installer application. There is a community support thread that has a […]

This notification bugs me, but only because I don’t particular care for operating systems taking me on a tour of all the “magical” features that I end up ignoring, and also because it’s one more thing I have to dismiss after setting up a fresh macOS install or upgrade. I don’t have OCD (and I […]

Pre Caching macOS Software

I often find myself in a spot where I’m always re-downloading and re-caching iOS IPSW files because they’re infrequently being downloaded from Apple. This is pretty frustrating when it comes time to downloading macOS installers, iWork/iLife apps, or IPSW’s for the infrequent restoring of an iOS device in Apple Configurator. This is a feature sorely lacking in […]

GarageBand Audio

On the 16th of May, Apple released an updated version of GarageBand, and shortly after, updated the “core content” that is downloaded the first time GarageBand is launched. If you run a managed Mac environment, such as classrooms/labs, you usually want to avoid end users going through the process of downloading this content, typically you […]