Updating bash and vim

Armin Briegel’s post on updating the version of bash on macOS to bash 5.0 prompted me to create a repo for the scripts I use to keep bash and vim updated on my Mac’s. You can find them in this git repo.

Both update scripts require the macOS Command Line Tools installed.
Additionally, there are some basic details about usage in each file.

I also dislike homebrew, so for other neat little binaries that I tend to use, I’ve found the rudix package git repo to be pretty handy (check the Ports folder for macOS installer package files).

The tools I predominantly find myself using are:

  • mtrping and traceroute in one neat binary
  • wget – because sometimes curl is a pain
  • dos2unix – those damn ^M characters!
  • rsync – this version includes support for some of the macOS specific attributes and what not
  • bash-completion – because tab complete can always be better

Not all the rudix packages are compiled for the most recent version of macOS, but in some cases they’ll still work just fine.