Xcode Command Line Tools

GUI pop up for installing Xcode tools

Installing the Xcode command line tools is generally a pretty easy affair, with either a visit to the Apple Developer portal to download the single DMG file, or using the xcode-select --install command.


Both of these methods require interacting with the GUI, and frankly, I’d rather not have dialog boxes pop up when I’ve got an automated process to configure my machine, or have to log into the Developer portal just to download the DMG. So while trolling through the macOS Software Update catalog for Sierra, I stumbled on three packages that appeared to contain all the CLI tools. A quick capture of HTTP events in a Squid log revealed these three packages are the same as those downloaded when the xcode-select --install command is run.

So, here is xcode_tools.py. It’s really basic. Like, really, really basic. It just downloads the tools to your ~/Desktop folder. Done. Nothing else to do except install at your leisure.
I can’t make any guarantee that this will work forever, and I’ll have to wait for the next Xcode release to see what happens with the software update catalog, but at least for the time being, you can download the Xcode 8.3 CLI tools without those annoying GUI pop ups.