Promethean Activ Drivers

If you’re installing the Promethean Activ Driver “app” on Mac OS El Capitan and macOS Sierra, as well as running into issues with the software not launching or not detecting connected interactive whiteboards, the issue appears directly related to bad permissions set by the installer application.

There is a community support thread that has a fix, however, I’ve slightly tweaked the fix on the basis that root ownership should have rwx, while group and others can have r-x.

I’m also nervous when LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons installed by apps/packages get execute permissions – they’re entirely not needed; macOS only requires read permissions, so I also change permissions for the Promethean LaunchAgents.

To fix, you can simply add a postinstall script to a package, or if you use munki, simply add this as a post-install script in the pkgsinfo file for the imported package.

/bin/chmod -R 755 /usr/local/share/promethean
/bin/chmod -R 644 /Library/LaunchAgents/com.promethean.*
/bin/chmod -R 755 /usr/local/lib

The current driver version (5.14.21) appears to work correctly in macOS Sierra, even though Promethean indicates the driver set is only compatible for Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.11 Рuse these drivers in Sierra at your own discretion/judgement.

On the subject of Promethean software, I also suggest you hit their support team up¬†and ask them to return to using the standardised Apple pkg format rather than the awful app based installer they’ve switched to.